Things I Say

Man… Work is boring.

hold yourself in high regard.

had a whole big post about my thoughts on the subject…. but fuck that.

Something I say.

… So we continue on into a life of pain and hope.

my assertion

ok so better results means better brain because results are all you can measure.  there is no test for potential. you can gauge potential from a test but that’s not what you are measuring you measure what someone has or has not done. you can’t test can.  i’m going to stop here because any more would just be rambling.

I need more followers too. Find people who like blogs.

Big O Is a big influence. The negotiator. Why do we do what we do. The tomatoes made to play a role on the big stage. and giant robots. The best of everything.

I wonder sometimes about pain and suffering and the difference between the two. Such a small distinction but very important. I wonder about the path I’ve walked in life. How much of it was really of my making people told me I could be anything I want. But I have limits. I am a finite being. So the difference in my ideal self and what I am is some thing that seems to be something to be negotiated. We have to come to terms.


Looked at the door to see why it makes that annoying sound. I know now. And it. Bothers me more.

yeah so

i just looked at what other people see when they look at my page…. well thats awkward….